Maybe we should be branding our service as "Wi-Fiber". or Maybe "Ethernet 
Internet Access"  (of course like end users will know what Ethernet means.)

Spend $$$$ trying to build a new brand around Wi-Fiber or just ride Intel /
WiMAX Forum's Marketing machine...

Here's the thing, chances are, whatever name you choose to "brand" this
technology, the customer will probably be ignorant (it's still a "new"
technology, eh?)

However, when talking to them, and saying something like "just google WiMAX
to learn about our technology" -- they'll see hundreds (if not thousands) of
entries from reputable business magazines (from INC to Business Week to
Fortune) all talking about how WiMAX is better than WiFi & Cellular and how
it can compete against T1s, they'll go "ah-hah"

Not to be offensive here, but most WISPs don't know @[EMAIL PROTECTED] about 
sales &
marketing - Just remember, it takes about 8 "touches" to effectively sell a
medium ARPU ($200-600 / month) data account


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