Thank you for the information.  The areas of DSL are very spotty and cable is very inexpensive and unreliable.  Many people are upset at both situations.  DSL is offered for about $30 per month with purchase of a DSL "modem" at around $50 or so and a 1 year contract is required.  Cable service rents you the modem for $10 per month and charges $40 per month for service on top of that ($50 per month total for those of you out there in other posts that think half-duplex is as good a full-duplex).
I'm shooting at offering 1.5 Mbps service at around $24.95 and offering VOIP for another $24.95 if they so choose.  So the competition hasn't a chance against me if I can get around that $350 CPE cost.
I understand what you mean by offering a "free month" per year of service and how wireless year-long+ terms may not appeal compared to similar terms with a wired service.  What does your company do to alleviate this problem?  Thanks.
Jeez, do you want me to provide you with my business plan!?  ha-ha!  I will continue to own the CPE and I'm shooting for a 1-3 term most likely.  I could offer a priority guaranteed 24 hour turn around for example but at what price can I afford such a thing.  My service is basically self-install.  I'm using WaveRider 900 MHz and anybody within about 2 miles (for sure in my area) can do it on their own very easily.  So "priority installation" is kind of a mute point.  Any other ideas?  Thanks!
Thank you for your response.  I'm not using Trango equipment and I know their prices are lower but that can't be really helped since I've chosen a different provider.  Have you had much success with your $400 install costs on the 900 MHz?  Thanks.
Thank you for the detailed response.  I appreciate you taking the time to comment.  I don't want to be rude but I took a look at your website and it needs some work. :(
In any case, I think you have a point.  Could you elaborate more on what you meant by going with a 802.11b AP/CPE.  Do you mean you are shooting a signal out to an area using WaveRider and then distributing it via another 802.11b AP from there?  I think your right about contracts and install fees and it sounds like your saying that I'm just going to have to eat the cost and extend my ROI per user.  Thanks again.
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