Hello Patrick, welcome back.

For some of you folks who are new to this list or wireless, Patrick has been a big friend to the fixed broadband wireless industry for many years. Patrick formerly held the position of "Chief Evangelist" for Alvarion before accepting his promotion to Vice President of Marketing some time back. I consider Patrick to be a valuable resource for WISPA and our industry and a personal friend to me.

We're glad to see you back.

Patrick Leary wrote:

Hi all,

I just wanted to drop you guys a note that I have re-subscribed after being off the list for maybe two years. Hope all is well.

Patrick Leary

AVP Marketing

Alvarion, Inc.

o: 650.314.2628

c: 760.580.0080

Vonage: 650.641.1243

Skype: pleary

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