Yes. It could also be caused by a bad microwave oven. One that's really bad. But to put out 30dB of always on signal wouldn't be that hard to do. Sure screw up a c to i ratio though :-).

This could also be a plastics plant that uses 2.4 to heat pellets.

Could be a competitor with a screwed up device/customer that's generating far more than normal traffic etc.

After talking to John I believe the cause is probably pretty close to the ground though. He's got omni based systems only 10 miles away and they don't see nearly as much of a change. We'd expect nearly as much noise at those as the close in systems if they source were above the trees.

It's a fun one. Probably come down to having a guy in the area with a high gain antenna ready to locate the interference when it happens. Two or three reference points at lines drawn on a map should pin point the interference easily enough. If that's what it really turns out to be ;-)

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If this was rf noise, Arent hamm operators allowed in 2.4 with higher power limits? Could this account for the 5- 10 mile affected area?


David E. Smith wrote:
Okay, Scriv and I are stumped on this one.

Over the last couple of weeks, we've started seeing some very odd
oddness on a few of our 2.4GHz POPs. Not all, just some. Here's what
appears to be happening:

A couple times a day, usually during business hours, something somewhere
generates a massive amount of noise. Connections which report an RF
noise of -90 start showing noise levels of -60 (or worse in some cases),
as reported by our StarOS access point. If it really is RF noise, it's
very broad, as it's simultaneously hitting five or six POPs, some
several miles away, but all at the same time.

The towers are all running StarOS on Mikrotik RouterBoard hardware, with
a mix of Orinoco and Prism cards, some with amps, some not. Some have
sectored antennas (180 degrees), some have omnis. Between them, the
towers cover just about the entire 2.4 spectrum (obviously, one channel
per access point, but we're using at least channels 1, 4, 6, 8, and 11).

Those towers are basically identical to several other towers that aren't

The other really really weird part is the crazy latency. Pings to the
APs themselves are reliable, and our backhaul links (5.3 and 5.8 GHz)
don't seem to be affected. And pings to our end-customers don't seem to
get lost, they just take their sweet time getting there. While "the
event" is happening, I've seen pings that take in excess of twenty
seconds to complete their round trip.

64 bytes from icmp_seq=7 ttl=62 time=27239 ms

(I think that's my record. In that particular test, there were no
packets lost, they just took a very long time to get there.)

I've checked or replaced just about everything I can think of in our
network that might cause something like this, and frankly, I'm stumped.
I don't think it's a network problem (traffic bursts or similar) because
of the weird bursts of RF noise. But that'd have to be one helluva burst
of noise to do what it's doing - affecting every channel across ten
miles at once.

I can go into more detail on any part of the network if you like, though
I think all the likely-relevant details are covered here.


David Smith

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