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A few months ago, someone said this can be done, but for the life of me, I can't figure it out.
Mikrotik channels are not aligned with Trango channels, and I want to slide/change my Mikrotik channel center points by 10 mhz so it matches my Trangos at the cell.
For example, now  Mikrotik link is set at 5765.  I'd like to have it set at 5755.  (but 5755 not a choice in the channel selection box)
Because I have Trango channel 1 (5736) and Channel 3 (5776) in use, and do not want 20 mhz channels to overlap with Mikrotik..
I do however see in the manual that wireless info command can report channels in 5 mhz increments.
How do I set available channels to the 5 mhz increments, in MIkrotik?
(I usually use Winbox for management)
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