The Pac Wireless 5 gig rootennas are only 19db gain.

What I like best about all of the antenna enclosures is the lack f cabling, just a short pigtail from the radio card to the antenna port.

Also with star you can adjust the power of the card. Default power is what we use mostly. No need to increase the power under most circumstance.


Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:
Remember, at 5.3 gig you are only allowed 1WATT eirp. That's 30 dB. If you have a 24dB antenna the radio output has to be dropped down to 6dB.

But, that's part of why I love 5.3! Forces people to use good antennas and low power radios instead of high power radios with junk antennas! hehehehe

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I'm using them as ap's. I have a link that is about 8 miles @ 5.3


N White wrote:
What kind of distance are you seeing with those 5G Rootennas? And what kind of APs & Antennas are you using? Just curious - we're looking at moving all new customers to 5Ghz.


George Rogato wrote:

Those MTI's are nice looking product. Nice price too. Have you checked out the pac wireless 5 gig rootennas yet?

They are working great for me and they are cheap.


Tom DeReggi wrote:

I was thinking....
Although legal issues involved... (so not indorsing or recommending this idea) An Atlas Fox, mounted inside a MTI 24 dbi Dual Pol antenna w/ stock radio case back, and a custom mod to bypass internal antenna and jumper to the ext antenna connectors, would be less expensive than both a base Fox5800 unit and the 5830SU, and give us 16 more additional DB, which would make it a fantastic combination for a high end business or residential CPE able to survive the noise, upgradable to OFDM, and easy to mount. But most importantly, it would only be one radio CPE type to stock to cover all needs, allowing it to be easier to make quantity orders. In qty 25+, MTI w/ case $245 (maybe a little more with import charges)
                Atlas Fox $149.
                Pigtail Jumpers: $15  Total: $409.
It would take more time to hack(build), but it would save time by not having to muck with the dish. So why is Trango not doing this yet?
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