I'd appreciate all the info you can send me. One of my clients is considering B28s.


Patrick Leary wrote:

Okay, be forewarned that so this is a shameless plug, but the data from beta
testers of our new B100 OFDM point-to-point is worth sharing. In the Texas
panhandle one company is getting 62Mbps at 16 miles. In the Big Easy, a link
is getting 80Mbps, but it is only a one mile shot. One guy in Nebraska told
me Tuesday that the B series of radios (B14, B28, and B100) are about the
most simple he has ever used (his WISP has been operational since 2001).

The BreezeNET B100 was just announced as a commercial product. Like all B
series, the price includes the antennas when the integrated version (antenna
built-in) is bought. A full link has a retail of $7,990. Your typical
discounts apply as well. And remember, since this is OFDM the B achieves
some good NLOS performance in terms of building obstructions and sharp

We are pretty excited about this radio as a top choice for WISP backhaul. It
is targeted as a high capacity, high quality, and really simple to install
backhaul for a very moderate price.

Those of you wanting more info, just drop me an e-mail.


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