Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

I'd take whatever this says with a LARGE load of salt.

For instance, this paragraph:   "New franchises? Verizon's FiOS and AT&T's
Lightspeed are inferior services. We're 16th in broadband because they
companies conned the American Public and never delivered. Asia has 100 Mbps
services for $40 bucks... and we have?"

This is misleading, if you want to be diplomatic and kind to the writer.
If you want to be blunt, it's a stupid lie.

In 1998 Verizon received rate increases when they promised Pennsylvania 45MB to the home. That was 1998. Today, you are lucky if you can get 30MB to the home - and 85% of that is reserved for IPTV. And you have to live in an affluent neighborhood that probably is already lit for cable and DSL. But consumers in PA have paid for their network to the tune of $2B since 1998.

Yeah, density, geography, rural, blah, blah. Jaguar Comm is rural in Minnesota and he is rolling out FTTH to his customers. CavTel in VA has already rolled out IPTV. There are 700+ muni BB projects because of false promises from RBOCs. Instead of spending millions on lobbyists and litigation, BUILD THE DAMN NETWORK.

If you understand redlining and the fact that the numbers say it is less than $1000 to pass fiber to a home, you have to wonder how often they can lie in print and get away with it.

There are a bunch of reasons we are 16th in BB penetration - geography, people are happy with dial-up, not everyone has access to a computer, libraries offer free access, people get online at work, yadda yadda. Doesn't take away from the fact that they are only building the network for TV - or we would still be stuck with 3MB DSL.

- Peter
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