Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

taxes to get subsidized services they would not or could not buy if they
were to pay the price voluntarily?
1) I think you are arguing for argument sake.
2) Have you read any of his book? He has data, PR, docs to prove his assertions.

And who says that thier systems ACTUALLY perform as ... claimed?
The same can be said perhaps for Your network.

Muni BB is just a false promise and it's going to hurt us all.

Muni fiber like UTOPIA has already proven to be a good thing.
Iowa City is the case study for the economic advantages of fiber for a community.
Muni wireless is a whole other ball of wax.
And instead of arguing for fun you should be wondering (a) how Muni WiFi will affect your business and (b) do something about it. But then not everyone is action oriented, most are too busy talking to do anything.

Heck, just in my tiny town of 275 homes, that would mean it would cost about
300K to deploy?   That seems really, REALLY cheap.   But even worse, at a
40% take rate, it would not provide anywhere NEAR enough revenue to make it
viable unless the cost was at least 100 / mo.
1) ILEC or MSO look at a 10 or 15 year payback calculation.
2) The ARPU target is $150 per month.
3) Just goes to show that the ILECs make numbers up and who could audit their books to prove them liars?
Bruce has tried.

There are a bunch of reasons we are 16th in BB penetration - geography,
people are happy with dial-up, not everyone has access to a computer,
libraries offer free access, people get online at work, yadda yadda.
Doesn't take away from the fact that they are only building the network
for TV - or we would still be stuck with 3MB DSL.

And this is

Other than it provides political fodder for politicians, and rhetoric for
activists, I simply can't see why this is any national concern.
One is the e-commerce engine. Supposedly people with BB shop more.
Tele-commuting, Home sourcing, small business development - all require BB penetration. There was a perception problem last year with the difference between BB deployment & penetration.
The whole Digital Divide - the haves and the have-nots.
We have moved from an Industrial economy to a Knowledge Based economy. Do we have the infrastructure, education and workers in place for such an economy?
These are just off the top of my head.

SBC has already proven that at $17.99 people will move from dial-up to DSL. So is it that people don't want it or that consumers don't want to pay that much for it?

And going back to geography, blah blah -- how is Canada 7th in the world? Isn't their demographics similar to ours? How about Iceland, Finland, Sweden, or Norway?
Now that it is unregualted, why isn't BB in the top 30 Metros cheaper than in the suburbs? Why are we not matching Korea or Japan in BW served and pricing in at least the MSA's???? Lack of competition. No execution on promises from the ILECs. Before this decade is over, MSOs will have surpassed the ILECs in revenue, size, deployment and penetration.

- Peter

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