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That is incorrect. A POTS line will only be able to provide ANI/ALI information as configured by the LEC providing the POTS line, which will not match the subscriber's call that you are routing through it.

However, according to what Matt Larsen described this ANI info will point to the business (and building) that the POTS line is installed in. Matt is not so much "intercepting" 911 traffic as he is "directing" 911 traffic.

The example Matt listed was a business that purchased a phone system. This phone system happens to be an Asterisk system that has a POTS line terminated in it. Some traffic is routed via VoIP offerings available on the net, while other traffic is routed to the POTs line. The ANI/ALI would be the business location, since that is where it is installed. I'd say (though IANAL), this would be no different from installing a "normal" PBX in a building with some POTs lines and a T1 to another office (which may or may not have it's own POTs lines). You're not suggesting THOSE are illegal are you?

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