I have to go with Matt on this.
I am on a lot of lists, so they get confused, but I have seen way too many people ask for advice on listservs that should have gone to either a CPA, state revenue department, or an attorney.

You have no real idea who is replying. He could be giving you advice he just thought up.

Telecom, especially voice, has specific legal requirements - E911, taxes and CALEA being just a few. It varies in each state. It varies in each situation (when VoIP is concerned, because what is "inter-connected").

Laws about leases and right of way also vary by jurisdiction.

If you advice from a CPA or lawyer, you can hold them to it later. Not so much the list poster, cuz how do you find [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Although I am sure a lawsuit will someday be filed because someone took crazy @$$ advice from a list member).

- Peter
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