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Lets take a step back...

I never wrote anything about offering VOIP or 911 or E911 - I merely mentioned selling an Asterisk based phone system that is capable of redirecting long distance calls over VOIP. The customer that I mentioned is not getting their long distance through my VOIP system, they are getting it through another ITSP. The customer has four POTS lines and the 911 dialplan goes through those four lines for 911, and those lines are the responsibility of the ILEC to take care of 911 - e911 or otherwise. I have no more responsibility than any other PBX vendor who installs a system that uses POTS lines.

Who is really at a lot of risk? The VOIP providers that are promising virtual PBX services over the Internet. A local PBX unit with at least one local line is going to always be able to get out, whether the Internet is working or not. The virtual PBX services are heavily dependent on the Internet connection working (and working solidly) and are toast if the connection is running poorly or completely out. FWIW, I will have the same e911 functionality on my VOIP offering that the CLECs and several major VOIP carriers are using. Turns out it isn't that hard to get setup, it just costs a fair amount to get setup the first time around.

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