I am sure Charles and some are you are thinking the same thing I am on the
400mW unit, something just does not add up when manufactures are doing the
same power and the cost of the card is the more then the cost of the full
unit! I have not see this exact board but I have see a RTl8186 design that
looks just like this one that's 80mW-100mW where the software was changed to
output 400mW. When you use a basic power meter the "AVERAGE" power was 400mW
but this is a false positive. With this setup the true power output of the
DSSS channel did not go up very much. What did go up was the side lobes (2nd
to 5th!) where on channel 6 it took up a full 70Mhz where is can only use
20Mhz! An basic average power meter looks at the full band when taking a
power reading which is confusing if you do not have a SA to back up the

Look at the spec what did no look right was the power output of the OFDM
(13.5dBm) vs. the DSSS (26dBm). If they where using a PA is would amp both
in DSSS and OFDM modes equally, which is why I think they are just changing
the firmware to increase the power on DSSS only. Looking at all the RTL8186
designs I have seen over the past 24 months 13.5 OFDM is 18-20dBm DSSS not

We will have to wait in see what the true case is, most of the WISP that
have been in this for a year or so have some type of SA and can do a basic
level test to see for themselves. We of course plan on getting one and doing
our own level of testing using high end Agilent to test QAM, spectral mask,
EVM etc and see what this unit truly is. 

Bottom line if this is a software patch and not designed to a true 400mW its
going to adversely effect WISP network in a major way.

Sincerely, Tony Morella
Demarc Technology Group, A Wireless Solution Provider
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And don't forget that it's WiFi vs. a proprietary engineered outdoor WISP


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That they are working on "developing" a new product that will have bugs,
hardware issues, etc. for the first 6-12 months. Trying to get to $100
(without antenna, BTW).

Trango has a $149 unit that is from a company that is established, it has a
built in antenna, PoE, etc. and is ready to go today. For $30 more, the
range goes from 3 miles to 13 miles. ;)


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

> http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,15749577
> http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,16364972
> What does everyone think?

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