Just what we need:   A 400 mw device, that spews noise across most of the
spectrum, coupled to a 12 db 60 degree wide beam antenna.   Talk about
blasting noise big time.

{{  sigh  }}

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> I am sure Charles and some are you are thinking the same thing I am on the
> 400mW unit, something just does not add up when manufactures are doing the
> same power and the cost of the card is the more then the cost of the full
> unit! I have not see this exact board but I have see a RTl8186 design that
> looks just like this one that's 80mW-100mW where the software was changed
> output 400mW. When you use a basic power meter the "AVERAGE" power was
> but this is a false positive. With this setup the true power output of the
> DSSS channel did not go up very much. What did go up was the side lobes
> to 5th!) where on channel 6 it took up a full 70Mhz where is can only use
> 20Mhz! An basic average power meter looks at the full band when taking a
> power reading which is confusing if you do not have a SA to back up the
> info.

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