Isn't this still at least a $200 CPE?

Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

Ok, so I found a vendor...   Someone who is OEM'ing boards and products that
are sold by and reccommended by respected members of this list.

Salesman makes the following claims: for capabilities...

Support for higher power, and a/b/g atheros mini-pci cards - supports 2.4
and 5 ghz bands.

POE, either 802.3af or passive


Distance optimization.  (more than just ack timing adjust)


Adjustable channel widths, presumably compatible with MT, Star-OS, and
Ikarus cloaking.

Many other features.

both MIPS and xscale based boards, not all features apply to all boards.

I'd love to make a group purchase (and the supplier would love to sell by
the thousands) after I've evaluated a few samples I'm about to get sent in.

Is anyone interested?    Presumable prices for bulk buys would be right
about $100 for board, mini-pci radio of choice and power supply / injector.
I really am not attempting to make any money here, I'd just like to get the
cheaper CPE.   If I flood the name of the vendor, the sales staff may well
stop being willing to sell smaller quantities to non-resellers.

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