Jason Hensley wrote:
So Marlon, using what I perceive to be your ideas below, it's not too bad of a deal to put a "marginal" customer on (maybe not at -90, but maybe -80 or even -85, or do you think -85 is not even good enough?) so long as we have a clean link and we can make it with next to no packet loss?

In my situation, I'm selling mainly 512kbps connections. I have a few that want a full meg, and one that may be looking at 3meg shortly, but I've got mainly resi customers at the moment. I'm finding though, that I can beat up on DSL pricing for businesses here so I'm starting to hit that market a little more. But, I need to be sure my system is stable before I really get into this.

I appreciate everyone's feedback on this topic.

Jason, one thing you have to remember is your system is only as good as your weakest link.

If you put on a sub who is marginally connected he will pull your ap down when he is busy downloading etc.

A link that has no traffic running across it regardless of how weak or marginal it is won't have an effect until he starts passing traffic.
Then all hell will break loose.

The best strategy is always install solid links and if you do have to hook someone up that will be marginal, make sure it's very temporary and
you have an alternative link for it in the near future.
I have had to hook up subs that were marginal, but when I do It's because I'm just trying to land the sub and have a game plan like putting in a 900MHz system or maybe a new micro pop repeater to re feed him in the near future.

Hope this is helpful


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