Interference really isn't much of an issue here. There's one other WISP and we work pretty closely together to stay out of each other's way. We've analyzed the area and nothing else is out there but us and the typical home APs.

So -90 is that bad huh?  Guess I may need to rethink those two installs.

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No personal experience on the X10, but from what I here, it will give
you nightmares.

Seems like I heard Marlon speak such wonderful things about the x10
before, eh Marlon?

-90 signal is never a good thing.  We won't do an install unless it's
-75 or better.  Sometimes even a -75 isn't strong enough to combat all
the interference we have in town.

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I've got a two AP WDS setup with Tranzeo TR-6000's with PacWireless 13db
omni's on each.  They are less than a mile apart.  Any idea how many
can run on each AP before it starts causing issues?  We're going to be
replacing the WDS setup with an actual backhaul soon, but just haven't
gotten it done yet.

I'm having trouble with performance.  Works fine for awhile and then it
seems to bog down, and then back to normal again.  I've got about 10
(all  Tranzeo gear) on each of the AP's.  I wouldn't think that this
cause issues but I may be wrong.  Signal between the WDS connections is
around the -65 mark so that's no problem.  I've got a couple of
clients (running -90 or so) so I'm wondering if these could possibly be
causing it. Everything is horizontal pol.

When the service completely drops out I can get to the AP's just fine
the client end, but can't get to the router (RB532).  I've switched out
cabling, switches, etc with no luck.  Have a new 532 on the way so I'm
to switch it out as well and see what happens, but anyone have any other


Also, anyone have experience with an X10 camera shutting down their


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