How many is "some"? They may be boxes that have been compromised with a worm, 
trojan, virus or spyware. Look closely at the destination ports they are 
connecting to. If the addresses/ports are in sequence, they may have malware on 
their PC.


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>Subject: [WISPA] I need Mikrotik Help
>To all,
>I have some abusive users, when I look at IP Firewall Connections I find a 
>some users with over a hundred (100) instances listed in the source address 
>column. I think its flooding my network. I have 2 T1's and 81 users. We're 
>growing faster than I can install new customers.
>I am using Canopy 900, Canopy 2.45, & Tranzeo 2.45. I have activated the SM, 
>SNMP, BOOTP Server and Client filters on the canopy devices.
>How can I limit the number of active instances of these abusive users on the 
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