I am assuming 2.4 GHz WiFi access? If that is the case then use two 90 degree sectors overlooking the same coverage area. I would try to place some vertical or horizontal displacement between the antennas if at all possible to eliminate any noise introduction between APs. (This displacement is not 100% needed if not possible to physically setup but helps provide better SNR for your clients). Run the two APs on different channels. In 2.4 DSSS you can have up to 3 non-overlapping channels and hence up to 3 colocated APs in the same location. (Channels 1, 6 and 11) With FHSS like Alvarion you can have up to 11 APs in the same physical area without interference though each has only 2 or 3 meg capacity. If you are using 900 MHz or 5 GHz then let me know and I will discuss usage options in those bands.

Ryan Spott wrote:

I am quickly outgrowing my current AP.

I currently have an AP on the side of a mountain with all of my clients within 1 90* sector.

How do I add an AP without blasting myself away with my own signal?

Do I put 2 APs up there with 45* sectors on them?

Do I put 2 APs up there with 90* sectors and use 2 different channels?

Any input on this would be useful.



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