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Matt Liotta wrote:

Jack Unger wrote:

You ask - "Why would we need to push manufacturers when a WISP could just NOT buy a non-certified product"? Because half of the WISPs out there don't even realize that certification is required by law. WISPA can perform a valuable public service by simply providing knowledge and education for the WISP community and also by facilitating the means for manufacturers to get the certification accomplished (publishing the list of certification labs).

First of all, there is no way our small group is going to influence manufactures of non-certified gear. We already don't buy from those manufactures, so it is not impacting their sales.

First, our "small group" can certainly influence manufacturers. The voice of an industry trade organization (which is what we are) carries a lot of weight if we simply decide to use that voice to speak out. Only if we say nothing, will our voice carry no weight. In that case, we might as well cease to exist.

Second, I'd venture a guess that many WISPA members DO sometimes buy non-certified equipment. We can't make a blanket statement that all WISPA members buy only certified equipment. Even if it were true that all WISPA members bought only certified equipment (and I'll bet you a steak dinner that it's not true) what about all the other WISPs and WISP-industry providers who are on our mailing lists and who are influenced by what we say and do? Is it WISPA's job to stand up for what's legal and what's right or should WISPA just say "Forget it, we don't care, it's not our job, and we're too busy".

Article IV of the WISPA Code of Ethics says:

We will strive to broaden public understanding and enhance public regard and confidence in our Industry "

Educating our industry and the public is certainly in keeping with our Charter.

Second, if WISPs don't
know that certification is a requirement then why would certified gear appeal to them?

I submit that it's part of our job to educate the industry. If WISPs don't know that certification is a requirement, then IT'S OUR JOB to help them learn. Once they know the laws of the industry that they are joining then they will want to buy certified equipment.

By the way, who would start a business in an industry and then not want to know the laws that regulate that industry? How far would I get (and how smart would I be) if I opened a new restaurant in your neighborhood but I didn't stop long enough to learn about the sanitation laws in your city? Would you feel confident bringing your new girlfriend to my restaurant on Friday night?



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