Those are some great pics Rick, Thanks!

What is that other board you have in there? POE switch?


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We made an inexpensive Rebootable UPS out of an APC BH500NET.  It has a web
interface to reboot the system and Ethernet ports to connect to.  It was
designed as a cheap office/residential device.  Lowest price I can find
today is $95.  We gutted the components from the original case and put in a
weatherproof Carlon box.  It voids the warranty but gives you a nice little
cheap unit for those remote sites. I just looked at the runtime on this unit
and it says 53 minutes.  It is drawing 40 watts of consumption. 

One thing we did have to do is write firewall rules to only allow access
from our office IP range.  It seems as though the http security is lax and
is prone to hack attempts.  The other fault of this unit is that you cannot
assign it an IP address statically.  It will pick up a DHCP address only,
then you need to reserve that IP.  

It has it's drawbacks but for the money, it is a nice little tool.  I took
this up with APC support and they told me they had no intentions of
rewriting the software to make it more manageable.  I have included pictures
of our final product.  I'm not sure if this addresses your need but it is an

Rick Harnish
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I need help making a battery backup system.  I attached pictures of what 
I have.  It's a power inverter, auto transfer switch, Air Conditioner 
type disconnect, and a deep cycle marine battery.  I want to do 
something like this at some remote sites.  What can I do better, more 
efficient, maybe cheaper, or just different.  I want to know all the 


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