Have you heard of any Muni Wi-Fi network that is fee based with more than 10,000 connections per month?


Patrick Leary wrote:
Airports are the only place where I have ever chosen to pay for a Wi-Fi
connection. So I agree. But the rate is still too high such that I will
not pay unless I have over an hour and I really need to get on.

That is also why I like airports like Vegas (America West) and Tampa
(Delta) where access is free, at least in the terminals I use.

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 From http://wifinetnews.com/archives/006941.html...

It seems the Philly airport is only seeing 10,000 connections per month on their Wi-Fi network. I would argue that an airport is one of the top places where someone would be willing to pay for a Wi-Fi connection. 10,000 connections per month is going to take a long long time to return

the investment spent putting in the network.


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