My fee based network which was built with partnering agreements with my municipality before there was such a term as muni-wifi is doing about $40K a month in recurring revenue. Is that close enough to what you are looking for? :-)

The definition of muni-wifi needs to be made clear in order to understand the question fully. Connections per month generally applies to hotspot only type traffic. Are you relegating this definition of fee based muni-wifi to be strictly hotspot type connections? I want to make sure I understand what your question is and what you are looking for. What is the point of the question?

Matt Liotta wrote:

Have you heard of any Muni Wi-Fi network that is fee based with more than 10,000 connections per month?


Patrick Leary wrote:

Airports are the only place where I have ever chosen to pay for a Wi-Fi
connection. So I agree. But the rate is still too high such that I will
not pay unless I have over an hour and I really need to get on.

That is also why I like airports like Vegas (America West) and Tampa
(Delta) where access is free, at least in the terminals I use.

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It seems the Philly airport is only seeing 10,000 connections per month on their Wi-Fi network. I would argue that an airport is one of the top places where someone would be willing to pay for a Wi-Fi connection. 10,000 connections per month is going to take a long long time to return

the investment spent putting in the network.


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