What is a "licensed 214 carrier"?. What does that mean?

Chuck wrote:

AMEN Brother ! I have been a licensed 214 carrier for over 6
years....domestic and international VOIP ..& I have never been
Certified......(at least not by the FCC...). Its hard to say what is exactly needed.... Chuck Moses HIGH DESERT WIRELESS BROADBAND COMMUNICATION 16922 Airport Blvd # 17 Mojave CA 93501 661 824 3431 office 818 406 6818 cell

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Just a few quick points:

Intrado manages the 911 set-up for ILECs.
When they tried to do this for VoIP and CLECs, ILECs said no; build your own. Then West bought them. What is West famous for? Nothing, but they own quite a few conference calling firms.

FCC Certificate? Never heard of such a thing.
There are certainly vague requirements for "Inter-Connected VOIP Providers" but no definitions.
Even Vonage has told the FCC to come get them.

National Coverage: No one has it.
Level(3) the default big boy only covers about 80% of therate centers.
The network formerly known as MCI only covers 65%.
XO doesn't even give a percentage because they only hit 70 markets.

Dash-911 announced that they had Nomadic licked, but most of the back-end (not all of it, most) for DASH911 is in fact Intrado (http://www.dash911.com/E911forVoIP/NomadicStaticE911/tabid/59/Default.aspx) .

Most of E-911 is convoluted. How is Dash911 certified? Who certified them back in Dec. 0f 05? How can they cert LatinNode?

This hairball was thrown up because there were too many madmen with a PC and a DSL connection selling VoIP. And VoIP was approaching the Tipping Point. So K-Mart threw out a hurdle.

Good article on Nomadic VoIP: http://www.voip-news.com/news/features/e911-nomadic-trouble-070606

Cable has it easy - you can move your cable modem.
Fixed Wireless has it easy too - you can't move your CPE, so make the ATA only work within Your IP range. Or do what AT&T does to CallVantage: if the ATA is unplugged for more than 5 minutes, you have to re-register before any outgoing calls.

Here's an article describing how Vonage and MyPhone do it:

BIG POINT: Your VOIP service should be offered under a separate corporate entity. This way, if you are sued, you only lose the VOIP business - and not your house, pants and ISP. Asset management is a priority here. As is a decent lawyer, like Kris Twomey, to write you up a solid contract for VOIP that includes a clear E-911 explanation that the customer signs.

That's my 25 cents.

Peter @ RAD-INFO

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