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Frank Muto wrote:
I think the point is that AT&T is pushing to charge extra for additional bandwidth loads, e.g., Amazon, Google, Yahoo! etc, and this is where all the Net Neutrality crap began from.

Do you recall AT&T Whitacre's "nobody gets a free ride" statement?

<snip> Whitacre complained that "some people" want AT&T to act as a "dumb pipe that just keeps getting bigger and bigger." "This thing is growing at a rate that nobody would imagine," Whitacre said of the market demand for bandwidth. He said AT&T networks are now handling 5.6 Petabytes of data every day. "There's more and more content, and you need more and more bandwidth, and somebody's got to build it." "If you build it, you have to make a return on that," he continued. "Nobody gets a free ride, that's all." </snip> So the point is, if one of your customers subscribes, can your network handle it? Or will you charge them extra?
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