As quoted from the article;

"After RUS unknowingly approved payment of the fraudulent invoice and transferred the appropriate loan proceeds to Stonebridge, Gowdy paid Mainstream by check. As part of the scheme, Mainstream then returned the funds to Stonebridge. Gowdy used those funds for various business purposes, including covering the Stonebridge company payroll. In addition, he often added the funds to legitimately-obtained money, using the commingled result for personal purposes."

After reading the article I googled Mainstream Solutions and coincidently they are located on the same street. How is it only Stonebridge was in trouble for this? Who knows maybe we will here more about this. hmmmm...

Dawn DiPietro

George Rogato wrote:

defrauding the U.S. Department of Agriculture of more than $1.6 million in connection with a $4.2 million loan related to the expansion of wireless broadband service to rural Minnesota.


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