I agree with you Blair. Trouble is the .gov money will not be going away. I do my best to make sure I get some since it will be going someplace. I don't have to have that money in order to make it in business. I just do not know why I would let it go to others when it is available to people just like you and me. I have been a recipient in one way or another in 3 out of 4 grants I have been a part of. Here is text from the last one just issued today from the Illinois Digital Divide Elimination Fund:

To conclude, we hereby direct that the following proposals be adopted and fully funded: (1) Clearwave Communications LLC d/b/a Delta Communications; (2) Egyptian Internet Services, Inc.; (3) Heartland Communications Internet Services, Inc.; (4) Illinois Rural Electric Cooperative; (5) Mt. Vernon.Net; (6) Northern Illinois Technology Triangle; (7) City of Sullivan; (8) USA Broadband-EI, LLC; (9) ROC-Net Holdings, LLC; and the (10) City of Rock Falls.

We direct Staff to execute Grant Agreements, in substantially the form set forth in the RFGP, on the Commission’s behalf with each such applicant, to monitor contract compliance of each applicant with each such Grant Award, to resolve conditional approval matters that we have noted in this order, and to report to us as needed regarding this matter.

I just can't let free money go to others when all you have to do is ask for it and send in some paperwork.


Blair Davis wrote:

I personally hope that all this .gov money goes away.

I don't like competing with others who can't make it on their own and have to have .gov money.

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