Scott Reed wrote:
> I have had a request for service from our local SkyWarn volunteer watcher.  
> He 
> needs service in his vehicle during potetial storms so he can see the radar 
> while watching the sky.  Does anyone provide similar service?  If so, how do 
> you 
> charge for installation, service, etc.?

Honestly, for someone who's gonna be THAT mobile, I'd recommend a cell
phone PCMCIA card. Yes, I work for a WISP, but I know what problems I
can (and cannot) solve, and at least for my network, that sort of
roaming is firmly in the "cannot" category.

Obviously, WISP wifi roaming is possible; there was a thread about it a
couple weeks ago, where someone did a lot of voodoo with Mikrotik. But
unless your whole network already happens to support that, or the
customer is rather patient, just recommending a cell card is probably
gonna make everyone happier. (The customer gets the service they're
looking for, and you've saved many man-hours rebuilding your network :)

David Smith
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