What I'm learning is that as my business grows, the abilty to change and 
move (channel options) is becoming less important that the abilty to 
effectively battle it out. The reason is that if every time I hiot noise, I 
move away from the channel, eventually others take those channels., until 
they are all gone, and their is no where else to move to. Sometimes its 
better to claim the space and say, "I'm here first", "go find another 
channel to play on".  And keep fighting back with better antennas. As the 
antenna grows, you over power the interference, but the important point is, 
you reduce the interference to you and them, by restricting the beamwidth. 
The high power via antenna you go, the more courtious it is to the other 
player to attempt avoidence of signals interfering.  Alvarion gives that 


Based on that observation...shouldn't you be looking at Canopy <ducking>


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