Although he has spent some time and efforts, many of his numbers are WAY off:

$50 installs (contract labor)
customers paying $360 for installation
$40 per month ARPU (for a startup WISP is not realistic today with $15 DSL)

Just taking the installation numbers away completely changes this sheet... we are doing $99 installs and include a free Linksys wireless firewall/router. So now instead of making $15 per install, he will be losing $246. So now after 2 years, the company is making $11,736 per month profit but still shows $42,000 in debt (from the first 2 years) and hasn't paid anything back to the investors, banks, etc.

Now, if you use the same sheet, lease the CPE ($5/mo per customer) and still buy the Linksys router for $40, the company is making $18,800 per month profit and has $98,000 in cash after 2 years. ;)


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:


I have not got to the spreadsheet, but the post was well worth the 5 minute read, and I'm looking forward to getting some numbers down on the spreadsheet. I think this could help some of us.


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