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>We look at the traffic on the
>tower for abuse and/or virus and don't really find anything.

Just to be clear, you've checked your AP broadcast levels during the events
and not found found them elevated?  We found the most crippling network
events were not coming into the network from the outside, but were broadcast
storms between 2 or more customers (repeated through the APs).  They act
similar to the symptoms you cited (a few minutes of extremely elevated
latency due to the short term load they place over the rf).


We try to mitigate this problem by the following:

1) Turning off inter-BSS Relay
2) We block all the typical MS ports(135-139) which broadcast all the
time via iptables
3) Packet shape all connections via CBQ on the AP itself to limit how
much bandwidth any one customer can consume

Looking at the beacon realtime manager and tcpdump, we've never seen
an unreasonable # of broadcasts when this is happening.

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