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No more then 8db in my playbook anymore. And horz. if at all possible.

Sectors on 900 is the best way to go too.

I got an Antel 11db with downtilt that I would sell if you really want a
vertical omni. Heavy duty antenna.


Tuesday, November 7, 2006, 8:20:28 AM, you wrote:

BR> I looking for input on what vertical 900 omni to use.  I have heard 
BR> statements from Marlon like "I'd never use a 2.4 omni over such and such
BR> gain.....", because of the beamwidth and such.  Anyway what are the 
BR> opinions of the use of the 900 omni?  
BR> http://www.pacwireless.com/products/omni_900mhz.shtml

BR> Brian

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