Ok, then put is on the paid member list, or tell me offlist. :) The suspense is killing me. :)


Rick Smith wrote:

yeah, tom, don't post a book, but give us details.

I'm sure Patrick will be chiming in on this one.

I love Alvarion gear.  Just can't afford it.  Mikrotik's just as good, if
better at some things, but sometimes I'd just love a DS11 backhaul
everywhere...or bigger. :)

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No details on the website...

Gino A. Villarini
Aeronet Wireless Broadband Corp.
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Those who were not there, (WISPA meeting), some extremely exciting news was
released by Alvarion.
The details of the Comnet program. Clearly the most exciting news from the
I can't even begin to communicate the impression that it made.
There could not have been a stronger message that they want WISPs as their
A WISP will NEVER again use the excuse that they can not afford Alvarion.
Since this is a public list, I'll leave the details, for WISPs to discover
when checking out the program.
But I will hint by saying, it enables Alvarion for residential.
Its a pretty hard sell, NOT to switch.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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And WISPA members at the meeting at ISPCON will get a detailed sneak
preview. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Patrick Leary
AVP WISP Markets
Alvarion, Inc.
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