Ryan Langseth wrote:

> Why not have the AP run a DHCP relay instead of a full server, have
> everything relayed to a central server of your choice that way IP
> management becomes a one stop shop. Reservations would take care of
> setting IPs for specific mac addresses. 

That one could go either way, honestly. It's not nearly as big an issue

>> This is made even more complicated by the fact that many of our CPE are
>> Senao CB3 units, which do MAC cloning and I don't think you can turn it
>> off.
> We are currently setting two IPs for each customer using a cb3, one for
> the cb3 and one for the customer's equipment ( router, computer etc ) so
> you should be able to apply a different IP for each piece of equipment.

Just giving two IPs out is trivial, but the particular peculiar way I
want to do it is giving me minor headaches.

If a private IP gets assigned to a customer's router, the customer's
Internet connection won't work, and I'll get calls. If a public IP gets
assigned to a CPE, it's annoying, wasteful, and (in extreme cases) a
network security risk. And based on just a MAC, I don't know how to
differentiate CPE and customer gear.

This may be difficult to solve with the CB3, but (hopefully) slightly
more do-able with other CPE that's (hopefully) not quite as silly.

David Smith
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