You're gonna bond 2 atlas links and get close to 100 Mb full duplex????? How is that??
The 200 Mb Exalt is 100 Mb TX /100 Mb RX

If you use your equation you really need 4 Trango radios which is 5 x $3000 = $15000 and that will give you 100 mb with 50/50 MIR. Not to say what you would use up in spectrum (20 Mhz. x 5 = 100 could play with polarity with good antennas and probably do better).

So the Exalt doesn't look that expensive after all........  :-)

And BTW:  I was told to expect MIR control for asymetrical bandwidth soon...


Tom DeReggi wrote:

The advertised throughput on a 200 Mhz radio is 100 Mb true throughput in each direction port to port. The radio throughput is based on a 64 Mhz channel.

OK so lets compare to Trango Atlas or Alvarion Backhaul (which has similar metrics) with equivellent speed models. Taking that maybe only 1% of my market could pull off a 64Mhz channel.

Exalt Specs... 200rating @ 64Mhz = 100 mbps then
                    100rating @ 32Mhz = 50 mbps... @ $16,000 list.
This of course being best case based on noise level and acheivalbe modulation.

Trango Specs.... 54rating @ 20Mhz = 45 mbps, for $3000.
So, if I bonded two Atlas Links, I'd get equivelent performance to the high performance version at 30% less spectrum use, and 1/5 th the cost. Now of Course Trango, is Ethernet only, and does not have the wayside T1 support or Fiber/GPS features. And there is value to that for someone offering Voice services also.

All I'm saying is that the street price sure better be a lot lower than the list price listed, as you suggeset it is. The second you are in the > $15,000 range, you might as well be doing licensed for the extra $1000 bucks or two to make it survivable.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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Personally I couldn't be happier. They work as expected and stated. They have relatively straight forward GUI interfaces, you can move the center of the channel to any 1 Mhz. division, it works on 5.3, you can get a straight indoor only unit or an outdoor unit with integral antenna or N connectors, they have 2 year warranty. OOB replacement guarantee, the inegral antenna has electronic polarity control, it can syc all units on a msite so you can use one channel, the gps option is very reasonable and you don't need a central controller or cabling between radios. User defined latency and channel bandwidth as well as free upgrade to 5.4 when it becomes available. The advertised throughput on a 200 Mhz radio is 100 Mb true throughput in each direction port to port. The radio throughput is based on a 64 Mhz channel. Now lets address the Motorola Orthogon for a minute. It has no GPS syncing. It has no integral fiber interface. The fiber "kit" is an option that allows for cable runs in excess of POE lengths but you still need external power. I can put a media converter and external power on a Exalt radio also. As far as the bandwidth is concerned the Orthogon still uses 60 MHz to give full bandwidth. It just uses 30 on vertical and 30 on horizontal. On a positive note for Exalt the C/I is much better on the Exalt radio which ultimately guarantees better distance in noisy environments. The pricin on the Connectronics site is MSRP. You can get it quite a bit lower...

John Scrivner writes:

Tell us about your experiences with these. Work as advertised? Approximate cost per pair?
Scriv Bob Moldashel wrote:

Just looking for experiences.... Personally I think they rock but just looking to see if anyone else has any pros/cons.... 100 Mb FD 2.4 Ghz. radio. Hmmmm..... I bet Marlon would love to have one of these for a neighbor! :-) -B-

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