When I use sr2 my ack timing is all over the place, like 300 and the links are crap. I drop in a cm9 and all the ack's fall to 30's where they should be. This is all on MT.


Blair Davis wrote:

The cm9 is rated for 17db

The sr2 is rated for about 26db....

we are happy with the sr2, sr5 and sr9.   all deployed and work well....

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

I replaced a star os/sr2 with a mikrotik/cm9 setup on an omni. I thought it would help my noise issues to get rid of the amped up sr2. It may have helped a little but now I have signal that I think it quite a bit less at the clients. What level of power is the cm9 at by default in a mikrotik and if I switch it to manual what could I push it to?


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