I wouldn't recommend more than one SR9 per RB532. They draw a lot of power, and you will probably burn up your RB after a while.

Also, there is a frequency conversion chart in the Mikrotik forums on how the 2.4ghz channels translate to the 900mhz channels. Mikrotik will be fixing this in the 3.0 release.


J. Vogel wrote:
I finally got a chance to play with the SR9 cards I got in last week.
Installed them
in a RB532 running 2.9.30, along with one Prism nl-2511mp plus and a RouterBoard r52 (Atheros chipset?). Not working.

First off, the SR9s are big enough that they don't fit everwhere you
might think they
should... such as on the top side of a RB112. Neither do they fit in one
of the two
slots in the expansion daughterboard for a RB532. Swapping cards around,
I did
get the two SR9s in with the other two cards above. One is on the
the other is (I think) on the back side of RB532. Fired up the system,
and it shows
four wireless interfaces. The Prism, and the rb52 (which shows up as
Atheros AR5413)
both work, am able to configure them and pass traffic through them as

The other two interfaces are listed as AR5213 cards. Is that correct? When I
attempt to configure those interfaces (using winbox) the only option I
have available
for the RF band is 2.4Ghz, along with the B,G 10mHz and 5 mHz options in
band. Channels 1 through 11 in the 2.4 range are available for me to
select. Nothing
about 900 mHz.

What am I doing wrong?

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