Here is a link which provides an overview of the ECPA from the DOJ and a handy reference to keep on hand.

We are going through some personal and business issues regarding such issues relating to electronic storage.

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I'm going to look into this, but current law ALREADY requires ISPs to
retain records of e-mail traffic and Web searches for 90 days. This was
per an amendment to the 1986 Stored Communications Act.

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I caught a brief report on FoxNews today about a requirement for keeping

copies of E-mail. It seems that we may be required to maintain a copy
use at later time for criminal courts. Anyone know of this or have more
on it? Is it every ISP or only Corporations. This could be
sell alot of storage devices... The Foxnews report says the requirement
begins today and as usual not a lot of detail.

Tim Kerns
CV-Access, Inc.

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