Why provide routers? To improve the isolation of the user from the network. To filter and control packets at the customer end before they clog up my wireless bandwidth. We run private IP space on our wireless network for the same reasons.

We provide anti-virus and anti-spyware software for the same reasons.

I'd love to be able to put up $500 cpe's and $5000 AP's But in my area, that would price me out of the market.

We Patrick Leary wrote:

Why do you have to have the router? The DSL and cable guys don't provide
routers (not without extra fees). I provide my own in my home. At work
we have our own router.

VL also can do VLAN, all the way to QinQ 802.3ad VLANs. It does 802.1q.
It does layer 2 802.1p. Layer 3 prioritization with IP TOS (RFC791) and
DSCP (RFC2474). And layer 4 with UDP/TCP port range. And we can deliver
real VoIP QoS with a MOS of 4.0 and better using our proprietary WLP
(wireless link prioritization) protocol. (And that's not marketing goop,
it's been tested by a tier 1 operator and it blew them away.)

Plus, in the end the thing that I admit really gets me is that some of
these products simply are not legal at all and are illegally shipped in
from overseas. If we just blatantly flauted the laws we could save tons
in R&D and legal too. It has always been disappointing that some WISPs
simply don't care about that. Especially when at the same time the same
WISP might complain that another WISP is over driving a system.
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reduced truck roll,

Where are you getting this?

I have been in the ISP business longer than MOST people on this list. I have nothing bad to say about Alvarion equipment, but the fact is, that to use Alvarion gear in any network I would build, you would HAVE to add an addition cost for a router. SO, we would add another $25ish to the cost of your CPE. At this point, the price is exactly the same (or very close).

NOW, let's talk about upsell capability. With the Alvarion solution (including a router), I could upgrade the speed, but that costs how much? I could offer a firewall, vpn, qos or other options, but I'd have to change the cost of the router from a $25 router to (at least) a $100 router. If I am able to hit one customer in an area, but the others have obscured LOS, I would have to build another AP somewhere, where with MT, I could just add an $80 (including antenna) upgrade to their router and offer service off that new AP. I can offer real options for firewall, vpn, qos from their ethernet port all the way to my network edge. Did I miss anything? Perhaps there are other options that Alvarion has that I missed.

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