Agreed, and I would not have mentioned any issues with my system either.
What I would do though is offer not to charge him the late fees. You do charge late fees, right?


Peter R. wrote:
This wasn't an email kind of thing.
This was a phone call or visit kind of event.

- Peter

Jenco Wireless wrote:

I just sent him an e-mail:

Hello Mr. XXX . We just did a review of our credit card billing and
realized that we have not successfully billed your account since 7/26/05.
Our credit card service tried to bill you a few times (6), but for some
reason was declined payment.  Due to the timing of the catastrophic
lightning strike we had in August '05, we did not catch this situation. We realize that some of this is our issue, since we did not catch it, but some may be on your end as well for the same reason (not noticing the fact that a
charge for our service has not been incurred for the last 15 months).  We
would like to know your thoughts on how you think we should proceed with

Thank you,


** Note - Why do the people who seem to be the nicest you have ever met seem to turn in to the biggest "a-holes" as soon as there is a 1 second "glitch"
in their otherwise perfect Internet service :-)  :-) **

George Rogato

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