StarOS with WAR boards.

Depending on the speed you need and your budget, you could go with
either the WAR2 or WAR4 boards.

This platform gives you great flexibility being able to use 900MHz,
2.4 and 5GHz.

WAR2 - dual ethernet, dual radio (mpci), 266MHz CPU
WAR4 - dual ethernet, quad radio (mpci), 533MHz CPU

so your setup would be

NOC         POP        Office
WAR ----> WAR ----> WAR

3 radios instead of 4.

On 12/11/06, Carlos A. Garcia G <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Thank u very much, but the question it is, i do not know many
equipments, i have only work with cisco aironet, the last time i do
something similar and get the cisco 1300 series the problem it is that
in order that this work i have to use 4 radios

        1300<-->[1300 -ethernet-1300]<-->1300

and what i need it is to know for example: the proxim LMG22 work in 5.8
and can be used as:


im currently looking with cisco, proxym, trango, mikrotik but i dont get
the answer that im looking for.
Mike Brownson escribió:
> Carlos,
> It all depends on how big a hill and what speed you need.  There is
> some PtP equipment (Motorola PtP, formerly Orthogon) that can talk
> over the hill in one link if the hill is not too big or the distance
> is not too long.  Other option is to put another repeater in between.
> But that means another radio site.  If you want to send me latitude
> and longitude of both sites I can see if the one radio link will work.
> Mike B
> Carlos A. Garcia G wrote:
>> Hi i have a problem i need to establish a wireless link betwen my
>> ofice and another ofice there are a hill betwen so what equipment or
>> vendors do i have to contact: look!
>> NOC <-->> POP <-->> OFFICE
>> ????

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