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Bob Moldashel wrote:

OK.......Lets have a review......

It does not use the whole band.

It has GPS sync so you can use multiple links on the same channel. That makes it efficient...

It works for the application..

There is a big difference of opinion here regarding spectrum usage. My way of seeing it is as follows.....

1. I always install links with the largest possible antennas to keep my beamwidth as narrow as possible regardless of distance. In NYC I consistently use 2' antennas for links one mile or less.

2. We use only the power we need to do the job. Many of our links are running 0-5 dB of output at the radio.

3. We always mount antennas using rooftop structures or adjacent buildings to shield us from others.

4. Interference happens. We have not had any interference with FD constant carrier radios. Period.

Another position is why should several users be allowed to use equipment that eats up the band passing say a simple video stream and such?? How is that "efficient"???? They are eating channels running a couple of megs.....I'm eating it running 100 Mb FD. How about the WISP's that are using 120* sector antennas and throwing RF all over the place every time one of his 3 subscribers decides to use their system?? How is that spectrum efficency??? Or the guy that uses an omni and the 1 watt amp??? I can go on and on. The spectrum is limited. That sucks. But business is business and it is important to do what is necessary to provide for your business at the most cost effective manner possible. Is WalMart going to be considerate of you if you have a little 5 & 10 store on the next block??? Of course not. And why??? Because they are serving the masses at a price that the masses want and that is what it takes to serve the masses. Will some of the 5&10 operators go out of business because they can't compete?? Sure they will. Its called competition. And that is just what Matt is doing. If he has the demand then he needs to do what is necessary. If his business model does not allow him to purchase expensive licensed equipment over cheaper unlicensed equipment then so be it. That's business.

I came from the 2 way radio industry. I fought the beast (Nextel) for several years before it finally killed the 2-way radio industry. I was somewhat fortunate because we did predominately Public Safety and Government accounts. We were the ones to get up at 2AM on a Sunday to fix a base station while all the 2-way shops that were doing 9-5 business customers were home sleeping. When nextel killed 2-way dispatch all the other radio shops decided to start fixing Public safety and Govt customer equip. The labor rate went from $100 per hour to $40 per hour just so guys could survive. Many went out of business. Am I upset??? Sure. Did I plan for my future?? Sure. We turned on big time to microwave 12 years ago when most of you didn't even know about it. As such we have avoided the dreaded Nextel monster. Am I going to be able to do what I am doing forever??? Of course not. I am already planning my next transition.

If most of you guys think you are going to be WISP's 10+ years from now I think you need to re-examine your business plan....

I am sure that many will be unhappy with this rant but I think it needs to be real food for thought. If I was in business and i needed 100 Mb FD of throughput between locations I'll be damned if I am going to spend extra money for equipment so I don't interfere with someone else in the future.


Good luck!


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