Thanksgiving day, my son and I put up a future customer's CPE up in the
woods.  I mean, up in the mountains, log cabin, beyond phone and power.
They have a generator, batteries, solar panels, etc. We did it because snow
was predicted and already a little bit had fallen.   We got it there, link
established and was working on aiming the antenna when the laptop ran out of
power.   The power plug on the laptop PSU had broken and, well... we were

The people got back a few days later, and by then, yes, quite a bit of snow
had fallen.   When we had the chance to go back and finish ( plug the power
in inside, hook up thier equipment) we had no signal.

We tried everything we  could think of, short of changing parts, because we
didn't take any (wasn't our install rig, just a 4x4 so we could get through
the deep snow), no signal.

Yesterday, after a few days of warm, we drove in ( this time, install rig,
my '89 Caravan ) digging through some deep snow going in the canyon between
them and the main road.

Eventually, we changed every part, including the WAR board and SR9, no
signal.   Then, I assembled the WAR we took out and all the parts changed
out, and standing there, on the ground...  I had a solid link.

Finally, in pitch black dark, I climbed the ladder, had someone provide some
light, and hooked up the SR9 through another pigtail to the anntenna...
POOF, signal.

Put the original back on...  Poof, signal.  then, none.   Work  the pigtail
around so it's not tensioned and in line and put it back on... Poof, signal.

I go inside, log in...and in a minute or so, watch the signal fade to

T urns out our low loss u.fl to n-female pigtails with the thicker coax in
the cold will revert shape and pull themselves off the cramped SR9 / WAR
board combination.

I found one of the crapola thing things I had rejected for 5 ghz use and put
it in place...  Yeah, 1 or 2 db loss in the piggy, but it stayed on...

Anyone make a low loss pigtail that's flexible even in the cold?   I tried
two different ones, one pacwireless, one is Roger's, I think.  Neither could
be convinced to retain a new shape in the cold...

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