You folks meeting the FCC, can you ask about 3.65 ghz? 

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        I had offered some time ago to help set up a WISPA sponsored and
maintained web mapping server. This server could be tied to a database and
have whatever security is desired to maintain data security. Actual network
coverage footprints for each and every WISP could be possible on these maps
with security implemented to not show the public who covers where. The
benefit of doing this would be to finally show people like the FCC and
Congress the combined footprint of the WISP industry as a whole. With this
combined footprint it is easy to calculate the population, households and
other socio economic data that the WISP industry serves TODAY. For whatever
reason this idea has never taken root. I was not willing to do all of this
for free so that probably stopped it cold. If WISPA were serious about doing
something of this nature I would certainly lend my expertise to outline the
methods and requirements to set something like this up (and yes I would do
that part for free). It's a geographic information systems based software
solution (GIS). Used properly it can be a powerful tool and if WISPA were
armed with this type of hard data they could really start to put pressure on
legislators. We would even be able to tell each legislator what the numbers
were for the WISP's in their specific districts, without a combined base map
data set of the WISP territories it is not possible. It requires all WISP's
to pull together and make their footprint be known and entered in to the
mapping server database. It does not require that it be made public nor
given over to any other entity. WISPA could be the guardian of the data.
This was what I thought WISPA could do for the industry a long time ago. I
made the suggestion but it did not seem like there was a collective voice
that wanted to do this. Is the time right to approach the idea again? If
anyone wants and idea of what types of things GIS can do, there is a link to
a PowerPoint presentation on my web site. It does not specifically address
the concept of what I am proposing but it gives the general idea.
        This same system could also be used for any disaster planning and
recovery programs that Marlon mentions.

Thank You,
Brian Webster <> 

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Those are great points Forbes.

Let me hit on a couple of points.  First, we'll be spending some time 
training again.  There are a lot of new people at the FCC and I hope to get 
them there.  They don't know what a WISP is or why we are so important in 
the market place, let alone what we actually do.  I'm going to try for TWO 
meetings.  One that's really basic and one that would get more detailed 
about current market trends, what's working well and what isn't etc.

Next, your idea on a goal to walk out of there with.  It just so happens 
I've been working, as time allows, on an idea.  As we talked on the phone 
the other day, you had a local disaster hit a week or two ago.  *I* should 
have been down there to help you get your customers back online.  We only 
had one customer go down and who would have known that his chimney and tv 
antenna and my antenna would come down in a 60 mph breeze.  After all, we 
had 80mph a year or two ago....  *I* could have gone down there and helped 
out for a couple of days and only had to put off a few installs.  No bid 
deal, people would have understood.  I didn't think of going and you 
probably didn't think of asking.

The idea I've been working on is that we create a database.  A map actually.

On this map we'll list ever provider out there and what technology they use,

what skill sets they have (climbers, network admins etc.).  When a disaster 
hits (like what hit Seattle or whatever), someone with the authority to do 
so will click on the areas around the disaster and start contacting 
providers to see what they can do to help the guys that are in the disaster.

What needs to happen is for FEMA, FCC, Red Cross etc. appoints a liaison 
with WISPA, when the stuff hits the fan, they contact us saying that they 
need access, or whatever, in x areas and we get on the phone and start 
moving help into the area.

I want this to be an official deal.  I want wispa to be in the first few 
phone calls or emails.  I want us to do what we did after Katrina, but I 
want to do it better, faster and in a more coordinated manner.

Thoughts?????  Do you guys think we can pull that off?

How do we get the anti 477 crowd to fill in their spot on the map????

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> Regarding the upcoming meeting at the FCC I have these points.  It is 
> important to our customers and the media to come away with results from 
> these meetings.  Could we find an item, ANY item no matter how small to 
> have pre-approved and pre-negotiated agreement with the FCC.  This way 
> when we can come home and do press releases we can claim the Mighty FCC is

> listening to our concerns and because of our visit passed this resolution 
> which will benefit all small business and the public in general.  Then we 
> can mention the big stuff we discussed and get public support even if it's

> a rats chance in hell the FCC will give it. :)   It certainly can also 
> help with our own community seeing OUR company as the activist for them 
> whch puts us ahead of our local competitors in their eyes.
> An hour or so meeting with a bunch of FCC employees who are rolling their 
> eyes as they deal with another special interest group wanting something 
> will not motiviate them to ask us back, we need to present a unified and 
> inspired presentation not just individual whining.  Last time guys asking 
> for frequencies or special stuff just made them wonder when their next 
> meeting was and how soon they could duck out.  Mac Dearman captivated them

> with his story of Katrina and that's the kind of stuff they need to know. 
> THEN we throw in the other stuff to show how the next disaster will mean 
> calling on us again and here's how we are ready.  PLUS if we have the 
> pre-approved resolution staff will know we have their bosses full support 
> increasing our stature with them.  No one likes the whiner but everyone 
> likes someone who can run with the ball.
> Also getting the FCC to preapprove something could be released to major 
> trade and public publications getting WISPA better positioning as the 
> primary Wireless group in the country.  This also raises the reputation of

> WISPA in the government and vendors eyes opening more doors and 
> opportunities.  You can't knock good PR and the FCC should be happy to do 
> it because it sheds them in a positive light since all government wants to

> be seen as helping the little guy plus they understand Politics better 
> then you or I ever will.  Because of that they won't be insulted by you 
> asking for a pre-approved resolution to be released at our visit, in fact 
> they will respect us more for being saavy enough to think that way.
> Whoever goes should work together to provide uniform presentations that 
> endorse each others issues as important while emphasizing on their own 
> point. Like saying (just an example) "Marlon is right about the 
> frequencies, I have three frequencies in the 2.4 range and I'm trying to 
> blanket an area with 600 overlapping signals."  Leave it at that because 
> Marlon just spent his 10 minutes talking about how hard it is to 
> coordinate three frequencies and the triple labor costs involved in 
> interferrence issues for himself let alone his fellow Wireless 
> competitors.  Just one sentance of endorsement so they retain Marlon's 
> idea then it's time for your point.  "Along those lines I'd like to 
> suggest that the WISP's not have to compete with the cordless phones and 
> wireless cameras of the world who are providing luxury not necessary 
> communication.  The FCC should recognize that we are an important part of 
> deliverying communications as endorsed by the President and Congress 
> strong mandate for rural deployment.  This could be done with our own 
> frequency range that is used at a higher power so we can compete with the 
> cable and phone companies who have never provided rural coverage but sure 
> love to threaten it every time you help anyone compete against them."  Its

> more of a tag team approach which makes the meeting more productive and 
> minimizes their feeling that they will just get pounded on one subject. 
> Oh and if possible whip out a letter from your Congressman at the end 
> endorsing your point.  The ole one two punch gets em every time.  These 
> meetings are rare and the rest of the public considers it big thing, we 
> should be smooth and ready.
> Just my thoughts,
> Forbes Mercy ([EMAIL PROTECTED]
> President - Washington Broadband, Inc. (
> (509) 853-0858
> Hi All,
> We're set to meet with the FCC (lots of new staff and a couple of new
> commissioners) in Feb.  14,15 or 16.  Topics etc. are still being worked
> out.
> I'm also going to try to get a spot at:
> I need 5 or 6 people that would like to go.  Naturally, you'll have to 
> cover
> your own expenses.  I'll see if I can talk the board into helping a bit 
> with
> those, but I'm not sure where we're sitting money wise right now.....
> I think that only WISPA members should be invited to participate. 
> Thoughts
> on this?
> If you are interested/available for a trip to DC please let me know ASAP 
> so
> we can firm up all of the details.
> laters,
> Marlon
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