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I finally got to talk to someone at the FCC about CALEA. Unfortunately that discussion raised more questions than it answered. I'll continue to work some new directions that I've been given though. I hope to have more in a week or three.

What I DO know is that there isn't a data retention requirement. We're not, under CALEA required to keep all records of all customer's electronic "conversations" as some had feared. It's an electronic wiretap. A wiretap has specific requirements etc. under the law. It also has a start and stop time.

If law enforcement comes to you and says "We have a warrant for a wiretap on x customer from x date and time till y date and time." you have to make it possible for them to do this.

Sooo, now we have to figure out HOW to comply with that requirement.

CALEA does NOT, repeat NOT, require that we store customers email transactions, emails, ip connections or anything else of that nature. Law enforcement may WANT us to, but under CALEA we don't have to. There may be other laws, federal, state, or local that requires it, but CALEA doesn't.

Now, having said all of that. WISPA will continue to dig out info on exactly what the ISP, and specifically the WISP, industry has to do. It'll clearly cost some money as I also learned that the only way we're going to get a clear answer on our requirements based on our specific industry segment is to hire "competent legal council". I had HOPED that we could come up with a WISP specific FAQ like we did for the form 477, alas, that's not to be though.

If you haven't joined WISPA we need you to now. We're gonna have to spend some money on this to do it right. Join us, or at least toss some discretionary spending our way.....

I'll update folks as I get more info.

Here are a couple of the places I was told to start with though:

(509) 982-2181                                   Equipment sales
(408) 907-6910 (Vonage)                    Consulting services
42846865 (icq)                                    And I run my own wisp!

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