Not to be confrontational but.....

400 calls per sector

Hogwash, not a chance in heXX.

I do agree that Aperto was one of the first products in the market place to offer full feature sets in one package, with strengths on its QOS and Bandwidth management, and NLOS ability. A lot of smart innovated things on their radios, much earlier than other vendors.

But its down fall was limiting itself to only 6 Mhz channels, and mandatory pre-defined split of bandwidth allocated for each direction, limiting its possible bandwdith to approximately 1/6 what the VL could deliver REAL WORLD. Aperto limited themselves to believe there wouldn't be fast enough backhauls to justify having faster sectors, which was wrong. They also didn't consider "noise" as a key factor, when doing their math on what speed they could get with 6Mhz. Then throw in their lack of having remote live testing tools, so half the time it was hard to even know what performance was even being acheived, without a truck roll and taking the client down to test.

I got better VOIP performance out of our Trango's than I did Aperto, which is why we pulled our Aperto out of DC.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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I believe it can now be said without reservation, that if you are using
unlicensed and wanting to implement a double play of VoIP + data, the
ONLY product out there that can do it in scale and with toll quality is

Bzzz.. Wrong.

Aperto supports toll quality voice of about 400 calls per sector, on 1/3 of
the channel width that vl requires.

Other than aperto though, I would agree with most of your sentiments.



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