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> There are numerous studies that demonstrate that towns that lack
> broadband are economically deficient compared to towns with broadband.
> Job growth, tax base increase, home value stability, higher per capita
> income.

The economic deficiency drives the lack of broadband, not the other way

You can't raise the dog to life by wagging it's tail.

I live in one of those towns, and have many of them in the region
surrounding me.   Broadband is not the issue.  The economic conditions are
driven ENTIRELY by other factors.    Just like poor roads don't help, a lack
of connectivity may be some hindrance, but building a superhighway to a
depressed community will simply NOT create magic.    Broadband brought to
these places may have some neglible impact, but the lack is not  the cause
of economic problems, nor will provisioning it "fix" things.

Unfortunately, too many people are riding this train.    Politicians are
holding it out as a "fix" ( BB access has never hurt a town's economy, of
course) for things when it isn't, and lots of businessmen are exploiting
that for thier own pocketbooks.   The people who are being sold this are the
unwitting victims.   They need real solutions to other real problems, and
ignoring them and offering fashionable modern services as a fix is a red

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