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> Mark,
> How does YOUR view address the real competition that towns have to
> attract new business?
> Bad roads? That's everywhere.
> Lousy schools? Uh, again everywhere.

I really don't see your point.

> But you can't fix either without a tax base and a working (paycheck
> collecting) community.
> Many companies tele-source call center jobs. But not without BB.
> Medical, Legal, and Court Transcriptionists - all home based, good
> paying jobs that require BB.

yes, but these are not curealls for bad local economies.    We moved a huge
one in locally... didn't do a blasted thing for our community.  Instead, it
attracted a lot of unskilled and otherwise barely employable people to work
at low paying jobs that really did not make them upwardly mobile.

Those people who DID advance in the company... paid their dues and improved
themselves simply left the area... either to other companies or other
offices of the same organization.    Overall, it appears to have become more
of a brain drain to our community than an improvement.   Funny how that all
works out.

Mind you, I am NOT one of these people who wishes they weren't here.    In
the overall scheme of things, I think unemployment dropped a bit, and in the
global view, a few people got employed and improved their lives who
otherwise would not done so.   It did not, however, become any great benefit
to the local community, which invested millions of dollars to attract it
here.   The backbone of our area is small business...  The real success
stories have not turned out be driven by "high tech", but instead by
creative people thinking up ways to do stuff with what they had.

> Granted I live in Tampa, but I have lived in NC and CT as well.
> Cities and towns are struggling to compete for stores and jobs with not
> just other cities and towns but other nations.
> - Peter

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