PCBSD.org has a Freebsd-based desktop environment that is pretty nice. Two ISO files, and its complete with "office" apps, etc.

I loaded it on a "kiosk" type PC for the lobby of a hotel that we support, and made an auto-login account with almost no rights, and 1 desktop icon, Firefox, labeled "the internet". I haven't received any calls about it being trashed with spyware, viruses, cutesy mouse pointers and screen savers, or just generally fouled up. I mainly put it there so customers with goofed up laptops who would call to say "the internet is down" could go there to check their hotmail instead of bugging me. The PlugNPlay, I found to be very good, as it detected all the devices on the 3 or 4 PC's I have installed on.

If you REALLY want to go Linux (non-BSD) then I would vote for Ubuntu like the others on this list have.


Butch Evans wrote:
I am a FreeBSD guy. Heart and soul. However, I am in the process of evaluating which Linux distro I want to put on my laptop. I would just go with FreeBSD, but I want to try this Linux thing...FreeBSD makes the BEST server platform (no flames, please), but their desktop OS is not the best.

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