Rick Smith wrote:
> If I were to build a "script" for my tech support phone answering,
> and share it with you all as an "FAQ", what do you think the most
> common questions are, and how are they answered.  Keep in mind,
> that I'm attempting to write a script, so to speak, for an operator
> to pick up the phone and cluefully help someone through wireless
> or "hotspot" problems in hotels...

While I like the answers submitted thus far, I'm going to dare to make a
semi-serious contribution or two.

Assuming it's a typical hotspot environment, you'll probably have a lot
of questions about email. If someone pops open Outlook or Thunderbird or
whatever, they'll probably be able to read their email, but they likely
won't be able to send email out. Your script will need to explain why
the hotel won't let their guests talk to any random SMTP server on the
Internet. (And you may want an optional paragraph for folks whose
companies are semi-clueful and have SMTP AUTH or something like that set

Bonus points if you have an SMTP proxy of some sort, and if it can
somehow handle the aforementioned SMTP AUTH (I'm not sure if that'd even
be possible, but what the heck).

A related stanza for people using MS Exchange may be useful too - at
least some versions of Exchange use NetBIOS ports for talking to their
server, which are exactly the same ports used by 9 out of 10 leading
Windows viruses, and thus are probably blocked, wholesale, on your network.

Then all the standard stuff about "flip the little switch on the side of
your notebook to turn on the wireless card" and "try rebooting, that
fixes everything about half the time."

David Smith
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